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JUL 2018 - FEB 2019 · 8 mos

Responsible for the development of the Advanced analytics platform, The online reporting tool for businesses, as well as several other applications using JavaScript.

MAR 2017 - DEC 2017 · 10 mos

Responsible for structuring and developing the back-end infrastructure, managing PostgreSQL databases as well as creating an admin panel using React.js and an android app using the React Native framework.

SEP 2016 - DEC 2016 · 4 mos

Responsible for application logs distribution and analysis using the Elastic Stack and creating a cute, friendly slack bot called WarplyPaw (yes it had a cat icon).



In 2016 I joined Athens University of Economics and Business , I study computer science and I aspire to be a senior developer when I graduate. There's a long journey ahead, so i'll make use of it.


A multi-threaded, distributed publish-subscribe system written entirely in kotlin.

Minimax artificial intelligence algorithm implementation on reversi board game.

First & last occurrence of item in sorted array and three way quick sorting algorithms.

A Node.js library that calls native win32 API directly, to show dialog boxes.



Picking Gatsby as a static site generator ⚛️
6 min read.

My thoughts and experiences on whether you should pick something like Gatsby or not...

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Node.js gems 💎
3 min read.

Useful tips and tricks on Node.js development...

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Mass PNG to JPG on Windows 🚀
1 min read.

Tired of online image converters? are you using a windows machine? read this then...

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Frontend gems 💎
2 min read.

I've gathered lots of tips in a cheat sheet regarding web development....

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